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If your device is being tracked or monitored by someone, then you can If the spying app is running in the stealth mode, it would be active in.

Forbes attempted to contact one of Negg's founders, Francesco Taccone, but had received no response at the time of publication.

Research on commercial surveillance software

Two sources with knowledge of the Italian surveillance scene said Negg was a small company that worked with prosecutors primarily in Italy, not in other countries as Hacking Team, Area, IPS and others have done. The Russian antivirus provider concluded the software, which it dubbed Skygofree, was one of the most powerful seen aimed at Android operating systems. They said it was likely development started on the tool back in Essentially, Accessibility Services provide a nice route into other applications as they have permission to do so, via an application programming interface API.

Whilst the Skygofree spyware was limited to Italy, Kaspersky researcher Vicente Diaz thinks it's likely governments across the world will increasingly invest in such tools to spy on smartphones. In , the company was looking for software engineers for Android and iOS, with the requirement the candidate has "knowledge of the techniques of dynamic and static analysis of malware," according to a cached version of the Negg site.

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The average user need not be afraid of Skygofree; it appears to be in limited use and delivered by a company in the "lawful intercept" market. I cover security and privacy for Forbes.

Kaspersky Lab will warn you if your phone is infected with stalkerware

As a freelancer, I worked for T. This software tracks your physical movements and Internet use in order to better target you with advertisements. It's a little scary to think about, but this type of spyware rarely has any direct effect on you or your information.

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Other types of cell phone spyware, however, are something to worry about. These programs are designed to gather your information to use in identity theft or corporate espionage, or even to spy on you directly by accessing the camera and microphone in your smartphone. As mobile devices get more and more like computers, and get used in more business settings, expect this kind of spyware to become only more prevalent in the future. If you want to stay safe from spyware, your first step is to try to avoid it altogether.

Kremlin spy? Kaspersky to open software code for independent review

This isn't always possible, but by following just a few simple rules you will find yourself far less likely to wind up with any malicious programs on your phone. First, avoid installing any third-party software on your devices. This means that the only apps you should use are the ones available through official channels such as the App Store or Google Play.

Even then, and especially if you use an Android device, only install applications released by trusted developers that have a good amount of positive feedback.

Third-party apps are rife with malware, and even some applications that make it onto the official stores may have spyware capabilities. In that vein, always check app permissions when you install the app.

One Of The 'Most Powerful' Android Spyware Tools Ever Was Just Uncovered

A navigation application is obviously going to need access to your phone's GPS, but a note-taking app certainly does not. If an app asks for permissions that seem odd, stop the installation and avoid the app altogether. Just like on your home computer or work laptop, you always have to be wary of unsolicited attachments, links and public, open Wi-Fi connections.

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Hackers can use all of these to install spyware on your device, so avoid public connections and never click on a link or open an email attachment if you don't know the source or aren't expecting the link or document. Finally, all of these rules won't mean a thing if you don't adequately protect your smartphone.

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If a thief gets their hands on your device, it just takes a few moments to steal your information or install some spyware. To protect against this, always keep a lock screen on your phone so that even if you lose track of it for just a few minutes, a thief won't have time to bypass the lock and get access to your device. With mobility taking a greater role in both business and pleasure, even the most careful user can't ensure that avoidance alone will fully protect them from cell phone spyware.